We love Notting Hill just like you do...

Every week, almost 100,000 people visit Notting Hill, and thousands more watch the Notting Hill movie and look up the area from around the world. 

This area of West London is famous for its market, its carnival, its diversity, its history, its antiques, its architecture, its magnolia trees and of course the famous film starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. 

Come rain or shine, blue skies or grey, Notting Hill persistently and consistently remains a destination that is special to all of those who visit, no matter their reason for coming. 

The Notting Hill Company is the official merchandise provider for Notting Hill sending a range of tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, and other souvenirs every week. 

It’s creator, local resident Tash Courtenay-Smith, also created Notting Hill’s first and now iconic souvenir, the Notting Hill Shopping Bag, which are proudly carried by all those who buy them each week.

Visit us on Portobello Road

15b Portobello Road, London, W11 3DA.

If you are entering Portobello Road from Notting HIll Gate station, you will walk past our shop!