Notting Hill Movie Address

A very famous romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts is called Notting Hill. The movie was released in 1999 and was based on a novel of the same name written by Dan Wattman.

The story follows the romance of a famous American actress and a struggling British bookshop owner as their paths cross in London. As their relationship develops, so does the drama!

Notting Hill is especially known for its memorable location shooting. The movie features many iconic locations in London, most of which are actually real places. This adds to the realism of the film and increases the viewer’s sense of familiarity.

If you are looking to go on a date to match the atmosphere of this classic film, then we have some tips for you! Follow us down this road to find out where all of these iconic scenes took place.

Did Hugh Grant live there?

notting hill movie address

Many tourists visit Notting Hill to see the famous Portobello Market and discover if Hugh Grant really lived there in an apartment overlooking the market. However, many are surprised to find out that he actually lived in Kensington!

Notting Hill has undergone significant changes over the last few decades. While it still holds onto its Caribbean roots, it has become more diverse with South Asian immigrants and Europeans moving in. This has helped improve its image and safety as well.

What is the history of the area?

notting hill movie address

The area of Notting Hill is located in Central London, England. It is bordered by Westbourne Park to the west, Ladbroke Grove to the east, Holland Park to the south, and Shepherd’s Bush to the north.

Notting Hill is known for its famous market on Portobello Road as well as its upscale boutique shops and restaurants. The market is a favourite tourist destination as vendors offer unique antiques and vintage items.

Notting Hill underwent social changes in the 1980s that resulted in a more racially diverse population. This was due to gentrification, which is the process of renovating older neighborhoods for higher-income residents.

Although this may seem like a bad thing, it actually brought about positive changes such as improving safety and quality of housing and employment. It also helped lower income residents move up in life which caused a more diverse population.

Where is Notting Hill?

notting hill movie address

The iconic location of the movie is actually a place called Portobello Road in London. The antique bookstore and café in the movie is a real place too!

Portobello Road is known for its street markets, where vendors sell all sorts of things, from clothes to food to household items. This is why William (Hugh Grant) and Julia (Julia Roberts) went shopping together- they could find many things on their list at the street markets.

You can visit Portobello Road yourself and even stay at a nearby Air BnB if you are interested in exploring more of London. It is easy to get there using public transportation also.

Are there any good restaurants near Notting Hill?

notting hill movie address

There are a few restaurants in the area, but most are fast food or takeout. If you are looking for a sit-down dinner restaurant, your options are very limited. The closest ones are about a fifteen minute walk away.

If you are not against going out for dinner late, then there is one restaurant that is open until midnight. It is called Gopal’s and it is very good!

If you are not looking for food then any corner store will do as they all sell snacks and drinks. If you are looking for a specific brand then your best bet is to go to Westbourne Park Station as there is a Tesco located there.

If you are looking for something healthy then definitely bring your own things as there isn’t much around that is healthy.

What is so special about the area?

notting hill movie address

The area in which the movie was filmed is considered one of the most affluent areas in London. Many other famous people live there, including Richard Branson and Jay Z and Beyoncé.

The area is also very beautiful, with lots of greenery and charming streets. It is filled with classic townhouses and mansions, creating a very picturesque setting.

Notting Hill also has some of the best restaurants in London, so it is a nice place to tour for food. Some of the recommended places to eat are The Orrery, Little Bangkok, and Wahaca. If you are hungry while touring the area, you won’t go hungry!

The closest tube station is Notting Hill on the Circle Line. This is why so many people go to the wrong one- it sounds identical! Make sure to go to the correct one to ensure you get to the right place.

How can I find out more about this area?

notting hill movie address

Notting Hill is an area of west London. It is bordered by Holland Park to the east, Ladbroke Grove to the west, Kensington to the south, and Portobello Road to the north.

Notting Hill is a very high-end area, with real estate prices reflecting that. Although there are cheaper areas in Notting Hill, most properties are above £1 million (about $1.3 million U.S.).

As with any area, there are good parts and bad parts of Notting Hill. For the most part, though, it is a very safe place with friendly people and a strong sense of community.

If you are looking to move to the area, you can find out more about it on the Notting Hill website or via the official tourist website for London.

Are there any famous people that live there?

notting hill movie address

Yes! Many famous people have lived or currently live in the vicinity of the iconic Notting Hill address.

Celebrities such as Adele, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Zayn Malik have all lived close by. Other famous people that have lived in the area include Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Watson, and Robert Downey Jr.

Notting Hill is a very prestigious location and it is hard to get an apartment there. So many celebrities are known to have spent time at hotels in the area while they looked for a permanent residence.

It seems that having a home in Notting Hill is a good way to boost your own sense of fame! A lot of celebrities choose to move there because it is so beautiful and exclusive.

What are the housing prices like?

notting hill movie address

As mentioned before, the area of Notting Hill is very attractive to people looking to move to London.

Notting Hill is one of the most expensive areas in London to live. Average housing prices are about £1 million for a one-bedroom apartment and about £2 million for a three-bedroom apartment.

Given that the average salary in London is about £27,000 per year, you would need to have at least five times that salary to comfortably afford a home here. Fortunately, there are some less expensive neighborhoods in London where you can find this kind of salary.

Although the area is quite expensive, it may be more affordable than some other areas of London like Kensington and Chelsea or Hammersmith and Fulham which have average housing prices of £2 million for a one-bedroom apartment and £3 million for a three-bedroom apartment.